Monday, December 31, 2012

Mississippi River Ferry Crossing

Using bridges, I had crossed the Mississippi several times. This time I wanted to do something different. I looked to see if there was a ferry crossing, and there was. The Dorena-Hickman Toll Ferry is one of the few remaining riverboat ferries in the United States and the only operating ferry crossing the Mississippi River between Missouri and Kentucky.

After crossing the Mississippi, I spent the night in Sikeston, Mo. I couldn't help but remember that one of the three Lambert's (home of the throwed rolls) is located in Sikeston. I had stopped at the one in Foley, Alabama a year ago, and the food was wonderful. It just wasn't gonna happen tonight though. I had a late lunch at Patti's 1880 a short time ago, and I couldn't, maybe next time.

My Dream RV-Camper

I drooled for 2 days over this jewel. It was parked 2 spaces from me at Pancho Villa State Park. If you read the "about me" you know I can't drive a large vehicle or tow. I think I could drive this, maybe. The Toyota's have been my favorite ever since I started dreaming traveling. The smaller the Toyota the better. I wanted to make eye contact with the owner, thinking I might get to ask some questions like "would you sell?). I never did see the owner, perhaps a glimpse when I was way at the other end of the park, but not enough to strike up conversation. Does anyone know for sure which Toyota this is? Is it the Sunrader? I am fairly sure it is one of the rarer and more expensive ones. One thing that holds me back on getting a Toyota is the age. They quit making them about 1995. I am a mechanical illiterate, not even intelligent enough to take one for repairs, much less do any of the repair work myself. For someone like me it is really smart to keep a newer vehicle, one under warranty if possible. If I had this I would consider a new paint job, two pretty shades in the purple family. Oh Yeah!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Patti's 1880 in Grand River, Ky.

Just North of Land Between the Lakes is Grand Rivers, Kentucky.
Very small place but it has a well known restaurant, and I checked it out.
Voted #1 by Southern Living Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for Best Small Town Restaurant in Southeast United States
Voted #1 Restaurant for Tourism by the State of Kentucky
They are famous for their 2" Porkchop, and that's what I had.
They have a nice website here ...

I sort of thought the pies were too pretty to eat, so I got a plain one without the fancy meringue. When I left I bought a whole pie "to go"....a whole Sawdust Pie.

Bread is baked and served in a clay flower pot with butter and strawberry butter.
The dinnerware is pewter, and the waiters and waitress wear period dress.

One of their gift shops is named The Pink Tractor

I avoid gift shops every chance I get, but I did enjoy taking the pictures "outside".

The Shoe Fence, Hwy 62....Rice, California

I took these pictures on my way to Twentynine Palms. I made a note to self  "self google this when you get time, and see what it is all about".

Almost a month later, I googled and learned.....Rice, Ca. was known for its Shoe Tree. For reasons unknown, it became customary for travelers on Highway 62 (also known as Rice Road) to and from the Colorado River  to hang an old shoe on the tree's branches. The tree burned to the ground in 2003 in a fire of suspicious origin, after which a 'shoe garden' replaced it; a fence on which people hang shoes instead.

see the shoe hanging from this?

Story Behind the Sign Near Twentynine Psalms, Ca.

On Hwy. 62 near the Iron Mountain Pumping Station turnoff, was this sign. I just learned the story behind the sign and thought it very interesting. Here's the link to the story.......

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins

On my tripping I enjoy the many and varied views from behind the windshield of my van.  Driving along somewhere between Ft. Sumner, NM and the Oasis State Park, I spotted this in the distance.
When these first  came into view on the horizon, I thought “are they growing oranges on top of the ground now”?? then they grew in size. Halloween was already over, someone is going to be making a lot of punkin pies. Pumpkins just about as far as you could see.



Pancho Villa State Park

There ‘s much history and several first, only and last here .......first Air Base........first “Grease Rack used by the Army"...... Only State Park in the USA named for a foreign invader.......last hostile action by foreign troops in the Continental United States.

It is about 3 miles North of the Mexican border.

first airbase

The First Grease Rack

The Military has come a long way since 1916.......

last hostile action by foreign troops on American soil

I rarely pass the American Flag without taking a picture.

What is New Mexico"s "State Question"?

I found these posted on a display at one of the New Mexico state parks. The last one, brought a smile. 

I spent some time trying to find a restaurant or deli or bakery  that had the Biscocho. Finally found a bakery in Silver City that had them, as well as more "other" goodies than I needed.

Loved the Roadrunner, had lots of fun  trying to get pictures of a few of these.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Javelina's at Big Bend National Park

As I rolled into the Cottonwood Campground at Big Bend National Park, I noticed it only had a few campers and they were all huddled in one spot. It didn't take long to learn what caused the gathering. They were watching the Javelina's. I slid into an empty spot, grabbed my camera and took off. The others had got all the pictures they wanted and were now interested in a bird in a tree. I had the Javelina's all to myself. I hadn't even bothered to register or pay, this was my first spotting of Javelina's and I didn't want to miss out.
As I came into the park, I also spotted a familiar truck camper. We had been running into each other on the trails. After I got all the pictures I wanted, then I went back and found a good spot for the night.

The Javelina's payed no attention at all to me. They cooperated fully with the photo session.

and now it's time to leave

and it's also time for me to find a good spot, get parked, register, and pay

that's me way down there