Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pancho Villa State Park

There ‘s much history and several first, only and last here .......first Air Base........first “Grease Rack used by the Army"...... Only State Park in the USA named for a foreign invader.......last hostile action by foreign troops in the Continental United States.

It is about 3 miles North of the Mexican border.

first airbase

The First Grease Rack

The Military has come a long way since 1916.......

last hostile action by foreign troops on American soil

I rarely pass the American Flag without taking a picture.


  1. I didn't know that! As I passed by this .. I was wondering why it was named after Pancho Villa... I had seen his home and his widow in Parral,Chihuahua Mexico.

    Amazing the places you stopped and photographed ... I just said hey and kept on driving. Just too much desert for me since leaving San Diego.

    Great fun looking at your trip. I was there. But you really 'saw' that area...

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