Friday, December 28, 2012

Gate the Gateway to the Ok. Panhandle

When I was planning this trip west, one of the things on my "to do" list was to route through the Ok. panhandle. Why? What's there to see or do? It doesn't really matter. When these ideas come, they don't often go away, so the panhandle was added to my route. I'm not at all disappointed, and had fun, learned a lot. I'd do it again!

Yes, the town of Gate (population 93) is the gateway to the Ok. Panhandle.
This little town of 93 has a museum and a park. I found that to be true of many teeny-tiny towns in the midwest and west. It really spoke volumes to me about the people who resided there.

All decorated for Halloween. Oklahoma must grow miniature pumpkins.

Memories, oh the memories! I must be getting old?

See, this community of 93 has a park

a swing for the kiddies

and a few other fun things, but they have a park!

not only a park, but a museum


  1. Wow Janet! how did I miss you? We're both in vans...gonna catch up with you ... so glad you visited my blog today! I'm going to join yours f'sure...

  2. Awesome Janet!! I am definitely bookmarking your blog to come back to for further reading. Thank for joining my blog :-) & you & Carolyn have the van dwelling thing in common!

  3. Congratulations on starting your blog. I hope you are able to post many happy travel days.

  4. Thanks Cyn and Joe. I hope so too Joe.

  5. 93! That's like Cicely, AK from Northern Exposure. They have at least one artist in town.