Monday, December 31, 2012

My Dream RV-Camper

I drooled for 2 days over this jewel. It was parked 2 spaces from me at Pancho Villa State Park. If you read the "about me" you know I can't drive a large vehicle or tow. I think I could drive this, maybe. The Toyota's have been my favorite ever since I started dreaming traveling. The smaller the Toyota the better. I wanted to make eye contact with the owner, thinking I might get to ask some questions like "would you sell?). I never did see the owner, perhaps a glimpse when I was way at the other end of the park, but not enough to strike up conversation. Does anyone know for sure which Toyota this is? Is it the Sunrader? I am fairly sure it is one of the rarer and more expensive ones. One thing that holds me back on getting a Toyota is the age. They quit making them about 1995. I am a mechanical illiterate, not even intelligent enough to take one for repairs, much less do any of the repair work myself. For someone like me it is really smart to keep a newer vehicle, one under warranty if possible. If I had this I would consider a new paint job, two pretty shades in the purple family. Oh Yeah!


  1. Well, what fun is this... boy you and I are alike on the what to drive and towing stuff... two shades in the purple family .. HAHaaa

    Jeez that would be interesting inside I bet....


  2. Nah, 2 shades of purple on outside. Inside can be done in a third shade of purple, all blending of course.