Sunday, December 30, 2012

Patti's 1880 in Grand River, Ky.

Just North of Land Between the Lakes is Grand Rivers, Kentucky.
Very small place but it has a well known restaurant, and I checked it out.
Voted #1 by Southern Living Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for Best Small Town Restaurant in Southeast United States
Voted #1 Restaurant for Tourism by the State of Kentucky
They are famous for their 2" Porkchop, and that's what I had.
They have a nice website here ...

I sort of thought the pies were too pretty to eat, so I got a plain one without the fancy meringue. When I left I bought a whole pie "to go"....a whole Sawdust Pie.

Bread is baked and served in a clay flower pot with butter and strawberry butter.
The dinnerware is pewter, and the waiters and waitress wear period dress.

One of their gift shops is named The Pink Tractor

I avoid gift shops every chance I get, but I did enjoy taking the pictures "outside".


  1. You're killing me... 2007? 2006? dunno ... maybe it was 2005 .. I went to the Land between the Lakes... just beautiful! don't recall this restaurant.

    Surely I would have remembered THAT ... love sawdust pie... I love pie period...

    I'm getting really really antsy ...

  2. Carolyn,

    Land Between the Lakes would only be about a 5 hour drive for you. It would be a perfect spot for you and I to meet up, and go eat pie. What ya say? Not now, too cold, maybe spring?

    I haven't yet figured out how to go tripping during the hot summer months. My van is black and draws heat, can't think of a way to cool it for sleeping. Thanksgiving day, somewhere out west it was 113 degrees inside that van, so you can imagine what July would be like.

  3. I treat gift shops as museums: I go look at the exhibits but don't take any home. :)