Sunday, January 6, 2013


Cimarron once the home of Anasazi, Jicarilla Apache, and Ute Indians, is located on the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail.  The area was once part of the controversial Maxwell Land Grant, which eventually caused the Colfax County War in the late 1800s.

In the early days, few towns had such a reputation for gunplay and violence as Cimarron, New Mexico.

The Philmont Scout Ranch owned by the Boy Scouts of America and Ted Turner's  Vermejo Park Ranch (3/4 the size of Rhode Island) are just a couple of the large and famous ranches nearby. Right around 1000 people call Cimarron their home.

In 1857 Lucien B. Maxwell made Cimarron his home headquarters for the famopus Maxwell Land Grant of almost 2,000,000 acres.

smiling at the items listed on sign on the side of the building

Leaving the town of Cimarron and heading for Cimarron Canyon State Park

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