Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Oklahoma Panhandle

Planning my last trip I had the desire to check out what is sometimes called "No Man's Land" the Oklahoma Panhandle.

It is composed of 3 counties, Beaver, Texas, and Cimarron.

It's 166 miles long , 34 miles wide, and larger than Connecticut.

Black Mesa Summit, at 4,973 feet, the highest point in Oklahoma is in the Panhandle.

The western most county, Cimarron is the only county in both Oklahoma and the United States that borders four states: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas.

Cimarron County  boast "Still Not a Stoplight in the County"

I've already posted about the towns of Gate and Hooker in the Panhandle, now for the remainder of the Panhandle.



Is this millet?

Having grown up on a farm, I do enjoy the farm crops I see while tripping....

Big Sky Country, straight, flat, and perfectly aligned electric poles

What's this?

and What's this?

This State Park didn't get very formal with their sign

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