Saturday, January 12, 2013

Land Between the Lakes

Land Between the Lakes is a great place to be if you hunt, fish, or boat. I don't do either, but since I hadn't been there in years, I made it my first stop on my journey west. The best part for me was the "The Homeplace" and I posted that here

There's also a quilt museum close by that I would like to see someday.

There was a Woodlands Nature Station that had several species of wildlife. Most was behind wire fences and couldn't take a good picture. They fed a groundhog and it was fun watching him stand up to munch his food.

We do like our birdhouses in Ky.

Was the movie Golden Pond filmed here? No, it wasn't.

I stayed at the Lake Energy campground.

For $5.00 per vehicle there's a 3 mile drive thru to see Elk and Bison. All I have to show for my drive thru is this picture. They were in hiding when I was there.


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