Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Crops at The Homeplace

When I visited The Homeplace on Oct. 22, most of the crops had already been harvested. There were a few items remaining in the fields. The ladies of the farm were pulling up and picking the last of the beans from the vine. Later they took them to the back porch and were stringing and breaking the beans. This day was certainly a trip down memory lane.

I was surprised to see cotton, I had no idea it grew this far North.

I had never seen Okra growing before. My Mom raised a large garden, but never Okra. I had never even heard of Okra until I was grown. Okra must just be more the deep South.

A gourd vine

and a gourd

Although this isn't a crop, it was something done annually on most old farms, hams hanging in a smoke house.

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