Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thirty Days

I hadn't intended on going to the Grand Canyon this trip, thought it would be too cold. After I broke down and bought a propane heater, I decided well maybe. Of course, I took "Route 66" rather than I 40, as far as it went. That section of 66 is great!

This just made my day! Anyone of a certain age, won't say what age, will understand, and those not of a certain age missed a great era.

 This is not my favorite, more to follow.....


  1. Hahaaa what fun reading those signs was... I traveled quite a bit of Route 66 ... some of it depressing. I loved the old way of raveling when so many great little diners and mom and pop stores were everywhere...

    1. HAhaaaa ... yeah, well, while raveling is kinda fun ... traveling makes more better sense... hahaa oh, me

  2. Yes, I enjoyed that stretch of 66 more than I did the Grand Canyon, guess I'm really weird.

    Those days are gone,but I am glad it is there so we at least have the memories.