Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Talimenia National Scenic Byway

Talimena Scenic Byway, is a 54-mile highway that stretches across the very top of the Quachita Mountains winding along the crests of Winding Stair and Rich Mountains.

The drive begins in Mena, Arkansas and follows Ark. 88 to Oklahoma and proceeds to Talihina, Oklahoma, as Okla. 1. Almost the entire Mena-Talihina route travels through the Quachita National Forest.

Beauty thru the windshield

Beauty thru the rear view mirror

Stapp, Oklahoma Hwy 270

Winding Stair Campground in the Quachita National Forest  along the Talmenia Scenic Drive, $4.00 per night with my national pass. Only one other camper there, peaceful and quiet.


  1. I can NOT believe this. I have been on this drive five billion times and never went to this campground... well. I didn't camp during those five billion times, however. How beautiful! The Talimena Lodge is on top ...

    I would take women I worked with on a weekend jaunt through here when I lived in Dallas. Such a totally different world in Arkansas. Honestly?! they would have tears in their eyes from the beauty of the mist over the hills.

    I mean Dallas is wonderful but nature wise? bless its heart...

    What fun, Janet... someone else likes Arksnsas... yay! loving this

    1. I just checked the campground ... and it's closed in winter... rats

    2. Your "not camping" during that time is most likely the reason you didn't camp there, ya think? :)

      The mist over the hills sure makes picture taking difficult sometimes, but it is beautiful.

      Did I see the Talimena Lodge?----Is it the one at Wilhelmina? that one was closed when I was there, they are doing major repair work, won't reopen until sometime 2013.

      Dallas---what I remember best about Dallas.....as you start to see the "Dallas Skyline" I can actually hear the theme song from "Dallas" playing in my head. The TV show captured that skyline so perfect.

    3. yes, it's the Wilhelmina Lodge... closed for repairs? well. It's a beautiful view inside and the restaurant is typical kind of lodge stuff - expensive and almost very good ...

      yep ... back in the old days - the Flying Red Horse could be seen for miles. The old Magnolia horse (Mobil Oil). When all the skyscrapers started being built the Mercantile Clock - another skyline landmark were destined to be taken down ... hah! those of us who grew up in the outlying areas and drove 'home' to Dallas ... well.. the protests were very very loud. They remain.

      I lived there 20 years... still love it but not to live there. Unless I had a bazillion dollars to enjoy the lifestyle of Dallas which is quite spectacular.

      The Southfork Ranch was on the way to Plano and Lake Lavonne ... whoda thunk...