Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Men of The Homeplace

The Homestead had outbuildings where the men of the place kept their tools and did their work. These items from yesteryear brought back so many memories for me.

Grinding Wheel....although my Grandpa was a farmer, not a blacksmith, he had what he called "the woodshed". He had one of these, and I played at turning it when I was little.

He also had a vice that looked exactly like this

On the far end of his woodshed he had something that looked like this, only not brick and his didn't have the hood.

Blacksmith Anvil

Ox Yoke



Crosscut saw....I just googled this and saw that one today cost $120.00, makes me wonder what they cost back in the day. We had a couple of these on the farm, back breaking work, for sure.

Broad Ax----buy new today for $300.00.

making wooden roof shingles

Wooden Maul

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