Friday, January 11, 2013

Shiloh Village

 In my little corner of the universe, most of our roads are paved. I thought they were mostly paved all over the US. Much to my surprise the west still has a lot of dirt/dust roads.

I thought this was unusual....out in the middle of nowhere, a fancy sign that looks like it might lead to a nice subdivision. Yet, it didn't, or if it does, the village must be out of sight. Between the signs the road is paved for maybe 40 or 50 feet, then turns into a 2 lane dirt/mud/dust road. A 2 lane dirt road?? If that isn't strange enough, I noticed the city-like street lights between the 2 lane dirt road.

I just now googled to see what I could find on Shiloh Village, and there isn't much. However, it appears this dirt  roads goes to the Arizona Lavender Festival held at the Red Rock Ranch and Farms. Shiloh Village is about 2 miles North of Concho, Arizona.

I like to smell Lavender and love the color purple,  but oh that road....
Link to the Lavender Festival

Shiloh sign on each side of entrance and the road is paved past the signs

2 lane dirt...mud...dust road with street lights

On the opposite of the highway are the remains of early style construction

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