Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rare Breeds of Animals at The Homeplace

The Homeplace is located in the Tennessee portion of LBL, in Pryor Hollow...Stewart County, Tennessee. It is a working history farm. Most of the crops and livestock are historic varieties from the mid-19th century, grown and harvested using period tools and techniques.

The  livestock and farm animals are "minor breeds" -- historic breeds of domestic animals that are considered endangered species, as they are no longer used in modern agriculture.
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The cows are Milking Shorthorn, a  breed that was developed in the 1780s, and became the most influential breed of cattle in the world.

I can not remember the breeds of the duck, if you know, let me know.

The chickens areDominique, a breed developed in Massachusetts during 1700s; there are fewer than 500 hens today.

The pig is a Tamworth, rare today; breed was well established in England by 1860.

  The sheep are Cotswald, and their  origins go back to 1st century AD during the Roman occupation of England. Numbers fewer than 2,000 animals throughout the world today.


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