Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crow or Raven?

Not going to tell exactly where this bird was, as that's a whole other story for another post. It was Az. though.

I can't tell the difference in Crow's and Raven's, but think this a Crow.

Any bird watcher's out there? that can make a positive ID.


  1. I'm going to go with some kind of boat-tailed grakel. There are lors of kinds. I'll see if they range where you are and if they are related to crows or ravens.

  2. Boat-tail grackles are not in your range but these are in the SW.
    I looked at the pics of crows and their eyes were dark, the grackles had yelloish eyes.

  3. Dianne..I'm not sure if you are thinking I was at home or tripping. Anyway if that is a Grackle, he/she is somewhat different than the Grackle's we have in Ky. Before the Ice Storm of the Century took all my trees down, I would have a yard full of Grackles bossing any other bird that dared to land. Ky. Grackles have beautiful iridescent heads.Going to check out the link you sent now.

    1. I looked for a bird that ranges in the SW Arizona area. I became familiar with the boat tails down in FL. They look a bit different with those long tails than our Ohio and Ky grackles.