Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parker Dam and the Wild Burros

On my way from Yuma to Lake Havasua City, I had to go through Parker. I decided to take the road over the dam, and the scenic highway. I thought the road would just go over the dam, and circle back around very shortly. That wasn't exactly the case. I drove and drove, about 35 miles and it finally brought me back to where I started from. That's ok, it was scenic and I got to see the wild burros. The burros were so friendly, I believe one would have got in the van if he could.

Parker Dam crosses the Colorado River 155 miles  downstream of Hoover Dam. Built between 1934 and 1938 it is 320 feet  high, 235 feet  of which are below the riverbed,, making it "the deepest dam in the world".

After looking at these pics, I realize I need a driver, so I can just ride and operate the camera. Perhaps then I could do a little better job.

In case you can't tell what this is. It is a burro with his head stuck in the passenger side window of my van.


  1. Your pictures are just so exciting to me. The burros blend into the mountain and terrain.

  2. Yeah the burros are camouflage for sure, especially in these pictures. Can't even find them unless you look real hard. That one with his head in the window blended in so well, I thought I better explain what he was. He was big as life though the day he did that. So cute! If I hadn't been stopped in the middle of the road, on a hill, just past a curve, I would have liked for him to visit longer.

  3. OHhhhh.... how cool is that! he came right up to your van??? HAHaaaaa... love it.

    again ... fun seeing your take on where I've been ... I didn't see this. I saw burros out and about but not on the road! dang

  4. Although these are said to be WILD Burros, I didn't get the impression they were very WILD. I am thinking that people feed these burros from the windows of their vehicles. Another thing that amazed me, these were walking on the side of the road, single file.....not in the road where they would get run over. Talk about intelligent, this group had it together.

    1. how cute... I think all animals are smarter than we give them credit for... that's why it's hard to eat 'em... can't stand it.

      never heard of anyone eating a burro... maybe the wild is free range... I like that.